Another paper cut, this time a personal project.

I was watching Jane Campion’s In the Cut when I noticed a reference to a line from Pablo Neruda’s “Love Poem XIV” (from the sublime collection The Captain’s Verses):

I want
to do with you what spring does with the cherry trees.

In Spanish:

Quiero hacer contigo
lo que la primavera hace con los cerezos.

Something about this line stuck out to me, and I realized that it reminds me of the preoccupation with cherry/plum trees in classic Japanese poetry. I decided to make a paper cut of a cherry tree celebrating hanami season (the Japanese custom of sitting under and enjoying cherry trees in the spring) also including the line of Neruda’s poem. It could also be seen as a reference to the blending of poetry and images in traditional Japanese art.

Neruda Paper Cut

This happened to coincide with the plum tree blossoming in front of my window.

Framed Neruda Paper Cut

Framed, I put a piece of metallic gold paper under it.

I also made a version of it in Spanish (not pictured). Not available for sale in my shop, but I can make you one as a custom order if you contact me.