Much has happened since the last entry, which was posted almost half a year ago. For 2012 I’m going to be restarting this blog with more regular updates about my projects, and maybe some observations about my personal life, too. I’ll be bringing some new topics to the table, such as my adventures in self employment and life in San Francisco.

So, the updates. In October I moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco and fell madly in love with the city. It’s been almost three months and the honeymoon isn’t over yet. I don’t think it will ever be. In November/December I braved a super busy but successful holiday season on Iluxo … and recently exceeded 1000 sales.

In the past few years I converted my entire wardrobe to consist almost exclusively of dresses. I sometimes wear jeans to go hiking, but otherwise I only wear pants when a random mood strikes me or if it’s really too cold. The too-cold situation hasn’t happened here in SF yet. My new (amazing) life has inspired a sudden urge to own a few dresses that are a little out of the box, or shall we say, crazy. I’ve had my eyes peeled for a dress with a huge non repeating pattern of a galaxy, unicorn, kitten, rainbows, etc. etc. on it. Basically I want a dress that looks like the internet threw up on it. Photographic prints have been a fashion trend in recent seasons but I have such specific desires that I haven’t been able to find what I want.

My yet unrealized plan is to design/make the print myself with stock photos, have it printed by Spoonflower, and then sew it into the dress. I’m still weighing the feasibility of this. One concern is being able to find stock photography with a high enough resolution for the large details of the print. The other problem is the fact that I can’t do test swatches of the print, so I’ll have to buy a minimum of a yard from Spoonflower each time the print fails.

To fill the void, though, I’ve kept my eyes peeled for the other crazy dresses I want to have in my life. Enter the Hippie dress, aka LSDress, which I found at Buffalo Exchange. Here I am wearing it in my room. Photographs compliments of my very patient roommate Sandra.

dress portrait full



As you can see, it’s an Amish hippie wedding dress that looks a bit like the cover of Disraeli Gears.

The options:

1. Leave it as-is. I’m trying to work myself up to lounging around at Dolores Park in it. Can I dodge the inevitable stares that I will get from people if I wear it in public? I’d like to be the kind of person who wouldn’t care. I’d like to know the kind of people who wouldn’t. If you’d walk around with me wearing this in public, you’re my new best friend. But this isn’t Harajuku …

2. You can’t really tell in the photos, but the bust is actually fitted very well. I could hem it to the knee or slightly below the knee. This will slightly offset the crazy, but I’m ambivalent about this option because I feel like it’s all or nothing.

3. Cut off the puffy sleeves and hem it super short. This looks the most likely. But I might feel like I was butchering it.

4. Use it as a hippie costume. A sad fate.

I’m getting varying responses. Some people like it. Others think I’m committing a fashion crime (which is kind of the point). I just want it to be rocking the right kind of crazy.

So, internet, what is the right kind of crazy? What should I do? What would you do?