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2013 iluxo Recap

The following are some highlights from a busy year at iluxo in 2013.

In February 2013, my Kitty Cat ring was at the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week at Glamour Magazine’s Cat Fashion Concept Runway and Store! Below is a picture of the packaging of the rings at the event. Not only was there a runway show at the event, my rings were also given out in gift bags to VIPs. The fashion show was covered by StyleBistro, and they plugged me too.


Then, I was honored to have two of my city clocks featured on some super popular design blogs that I’ve been admiring and reading for years!

Refinery29 featured my SF Clock in their article on Best San Francisco Etsy Shops:


And Apartment Therapy, (who previously featured my SF Clock) added the LA Clock to LA Proud: Goods & Gifts for Angelenos.


Next, I was invited by the folks at West Elm to host a pop-up at their new Palo Alto store. Here’s a blog they wrote announcing the event. It was wonderful to work with West Elm again; they’d previously invited me to host a pop-up at their Santa Monica location in 2012 as a benefit for the LA Gay and Lesbian Center. Here are some pictures of me and my table from the Palo Alto Event:

iluxo west elm 2

iluxo west elm

In September, Commune SF asked me to be their featured seller at their event at San Francisco’s landmark bar Elbo Room. I even scored a mention on Broke-Ass Stuart. Some pictures from the event:

Commune SF @ Elbo Room

Commune SF @ Elbo Room

Then I was asked to be part of the Artisan Showcase at Re:Make, an artisan and maker conference held at San Francisco’s beautiful Fort Mason Center organized by Brit + Co. Here was a view from my booth:

Re:Make 2013

In October I was invited to meet with Etsy admins and developers at the Etsy offices in downtown San Francisco! As a long time fan and seller on Etsy, it was really an amazing experience to chat with the people behind the site. They posted a picture of our chat on the Etsy Wholesale Twitter, and I even took my own fan girl photo as I left the offices with Trinity of Field Day Wearables.

Etsy Offices


I was also featured in many, many awesome articles and blog posts, including doing an interview for Ponoko, an article on IAMTHELAB, an article on SHK Magazine, etc.

On to 2014 … the blog has been rather quiet lately, as I’ve been working on big changes coming to the shop and blog! Thanks to the many people who reached out to iluxo to make these events happen in 2013.

Custom Ring Box & A Busy Christmas Season

I’ve been asked to make some fun custom orders! One customer asked me to make my polaroid locket into an engagement ring box, which was perfect since I’d already designed some prototypes for jewelry boxes. The top for this box is held in tightly by the friction of the felt lining on the lid.




Also, the busy Christmas retail season is already in swing at Iluxo this year! Which means I’m fulfilling more wholesale requests, ordering lots of supplies, counting inventory, and playing with Excel spreadsheets. It also means my usually very orderly bedroom, which has recently been rearranged, sometimes looks like this:


I can’t wait for it to be next year.

Kittenette Rebranding

The switch from Studio Kitchenette to Kittenette happened a couple of months ago, but I haven’t had time to blog about it. I still favored the one-page scrolling layout but converted a lot of the ugly links in the old layout into icons. Also, each project now has its own image. Here’s a quick comparison image of the redesign.

website redesign

This also meant I had to redesign the business cards. I wanted to keep the minimalist design that emphasized the quality of the paper so I stuck with the black on white color scheme. I also still liked the hand-drawn type of the old logo, so I just made some quick edits to the old card to make the new one.


The Iluxo business cards were also changed to reflect better the themes/motifs used throughout the brand.


Recent Press Mentions

Spring is almost here, and some new designs for my Etsy shop are on their way. In the meantime, here are some recent press mentions.

The SF clock is featured on Apartment Therapy’s Hometown Pride: 5 Creative Finds to Celebrate Your City & State!

The Kitty Ring was featured in Etsy’s Cat Lady Chic newsletter. And the Paris Clock is in the J’Adore Paris Etsy Newsletter.

The Rainy Day clock has been featured in a lovely spread in Sweet Paul Magazine:

rain drop clock in sweet paul magazine

… And a thanks to the many other bloggers who picked up my products this spring!

City Skyline Clock Designs

My city skyline clocks were inspired by international time displays. Most international time displays with multiple clocks use the same clock but with a text label indicating the city the time corresponds to. I decided to innovate on this concept by integrating the city into the clock itself. I now carry the following cities: Paris, Tokyo, New York, London, Sydney, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Berlin, and Seattle.

Here’s how they look, all on the wall, together:

iluxo clock display

Individual clocks: Sydney, Tokyo, Berlin, Seattle


I’m always designing new cities. If you have a recommendation for a city, let me know in the comments along with some famous landmarks from that city that you’d want to see in the clock.

computer cat