My new passion is laser cutting. I’ve been drafting out ideas for designs for months, and finally I had some pieces laser cut for me on bamboo.

The first is a cherry blossom necklace. It turned out quite pretty. At the end of the chain, where the clasp is, a cherry blossom petal is attached. It references the falling cherry blossom petals during hanami season.


Available Here

More interesting is a cubic box shaped necklace with a cut-out design. The design is commonly found in many Japanese patterns. It functions like a locket, except you can keep larger things in it, like a folded up note.



You can see the lid in this picture. The lid slides out, but since the chain loops through the end, gravity keeps it closed while you wear it. The lid in the picture is too small (a prototyping error), but will be corrected when I get my next batch.


Now I just have to find a model and take some decent photographs and maybe I can sell them. I’m very excited.