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Metallic Leather Projects

Leather is fun to work with, and as someone who is a little obsessed with high quality leather goods, I’m excited to start adding some new leather products to my shop. I found a leather warehouse here in San Francisco. It was two stories and stacked ceiling high with rolls and rolls of leather hides. Basically, it was my own personal Disneyland.


I’ve been experimenting with using my Pinterest more and I’ve been pinning some of my newer wardrobe additions to a board to help visualize my closet. It made me notice that I’ve been a little obsessed with metallics lately. I even briefly acquired a Cambridge Satchel in metallic lilac before returning it because it was too bright and bulky. So it’s not a surprise that when I went a leather warehouse I was attracted to all metallic leathers. I planned to only buy one hide but came home with four in a spread of complementing colors.


Then it was off to the laser cutter …


I cut some flower designs as well as some cuff bracelets. The bracelets are still prototypes. One is a geometric cuff and the other is a scroll-like design I made with ampersands. Yes, ampersands. I love typography.


More leather projects to come!

Selected Press Mentions, Winter 2012/13

First, watch out for my Kitty Ring at Glamour Magazine’s cat-inspired fashion show at NY Fashion week this coming February.

Kitty Ring

Also, my city clocks have been getting lots of love these past few months.

The DC Clock has been featured on the DCist and Sweet Peach Blog.

The Seattle Clock has been featured on Seattle Mag’s holiday gift guide.

And the NY Clock is on this home inspiration guide on The Frisky.

Many thanks to everyone who supported iluxo this winter!

Bamboo Jewelry

Lots of new bamboo projects! I love working with this material. The bamboo I use is eco-friendly & sustainably grown.

I’ve made geometric/neuron pendants and rings, a modernist pattern inspired pendant, and a “home sweet home” pendant. I reused one of the existing motifs in my shop to create cherry blossom stud earrings.

I’m also introducing more customizable products: a long, slim, name/quote pendant and crest shaped pendants. I’m still working out the designs on the crests.

new amber bamboo pendants

Metallic Leather Flower Hair Pins

Finally figured out what the metallic leather flowers need to be: Hair pins, brooches, and maybe cuff bracelets. So far I’ve made the hair pins and am working on the brooches and bracelets next.


… And some quick photos so you can see what they actually look like in your hair.

leather flower hair pins

leather flower hair pins

Miscellaneous Projects from the Kittenette Studio

More leather projects. I don’t know if these are going to be hair pins, bracelets, necklaces or what. Probably hair pin sets.

leather flowers

I can’t help it …


Also, the Crazy Hippie Dress has been wasting away in my closet as I’ve wallowed in painful ambivalence. Finally I decided an action needed to be taken so I fearlessly cropped the skirt and cut off the sleeves. It’s been pinned but needs to be hemmed before it can make its D-park debut.


computer cat